"Hands on" Matcha

At Fuwari, everyone is welcome to try their hand at a simple tea ceremony.
We often hear beginners say, "I've never done this before. I don't know what to do." And those who have tried matcha a few times often claim, "I'd like to enjoy matcha more often, but I don't know the proper procedure," "How do you hold the tea-whisk?" among other concerns.
Leave your worries at the front door! Fuwari will guide you through the basic procedure and etiquette, enabling you make your own bowl of tea and create a special Kamakura memory.

How to whisk a bowl of tea

Use the ladle to scoop up hot water and pour it into the tea bowl. Return the remaining hot water to the kettle, and set the ladle back on as the kettle.
Clean the whisk. Dip the tines of the whisk in the tea bowl containing the hot water. This allows you to cleanse the whisk, soften the tines, and check for any broken tines. Then whisk the water vigorously to form bubbles.
Pick up the tea bowl with your right hand, transfer it to your left hand, and discard the water in the waste water container.
Add the tea powder.
Hold the tea scoop with your ring and baby fingers against your palm. With your thumb, first and middle fingers, remove the lid of the tea caddy. Return the tea scoop to the normal position and scoop one and a half scoops of matcha powder (1.5g) into your tea bowl. Moving the scoop back to your ring and baby fingers, use your thumb, first and middle fingers to replace the tea caddy lid.
Pour 50 cc of hot water into the bowl.
Whisk into frothy tea.
Take the whisk in your right hand, briskly move the tines of the whisk up and down, starting from the lower edge of the cup, to create soft bubbles. To remove the whisk, move it down the middle of the cup towards you, and then once around clockwise. Turn the whisk so that the tines are pointing upward, and then set it in its original place.
Now relax and enjoy your own cup of matcha!