Protected by mountains and the sea, boasting a rich historical heritage, Kamakura is also seeped in the traditions and culture of Japan. Fuwari, a matcha café, was created with the hopes of bringing some of those wonderful traditions and culture back into every day life.

Many overseas visitors are eager to experience omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality. Even the residents of Japan, regardless of nationality, would like to enjoy more traditions and fine hospitality as well, but tend to find it a bit beyond their reach. Tea ceremony, for starters, normally exacts time-honored manners and customs, often learned through years of practice. The Fuwari staff feels that Japanese hospitality and culture should be accessible to all; a part of any visit to Kamakura regardless of one's knowledge or training. We envision Fuwari as a place for anyone to experience Japanese culture, whether visiting alone or with a friend; a place to spark interest in all things Japanese; a place to enjoy the charm of Japanese traditions; even a place where Japanese can re-discover their own heritage.

Japan is blessed with, and cherishes, clearly defined seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are ingrained in all of our traditions as well. Kamakura is one of the best places to experience the seasonal changes, in both appearance and atmosphere. We invite you to create wonderful memories while whipping up your own cup of green tea and enjoying the seasonal tastes of Kamakura. Who knows? A simple cup of tea can lead to new ideas and friendships!

The Fuwari staff hopes to open a window to the Japanese mind and create a connection to the Japanese heart for visitors, be they from another corner of the world or our own backyard. We look forward to your visit!